Pros & Cons of Different Types of Airsoft Guns

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are of three different types: electric, spring powered and gas powered airsoft guns. All these three types of guns have their advantages and disadvantages. Before you choose a particular type of airsoft gun, you must know whether it is a good choice for you. In this post, we will discuss these three types of airsoft guns and their pros and cons.

Electric airsoft guns

Airsoft players love electric airsoft guns, and there are some good reasons why they love these guns. If you are new to this sport, most probably you will choose an electric gun. Here are the pros and cons:


These guns are easy to use, and fire silently. A high firing speed is the main reason why electric airsoft guns are so popular.

Another good thing is that there are a variety of electric airsoft guns. For optimal gameplay, you can use sniper rifles and machine airsoft guns. Grenade launchers are also available. This versatility makes electric guns the first choice for new players.


Now let’s talk about some of the disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that the batteries do not last very long. You need to change them. Keeping some extra battery packs is a necessity.

In most cases, cheap plastic is used to manufacture these guns. This makes these guns rather fragile. When choosing an airsoft gun, make sure that it is made of good plastic.

Another disadvantage of electric guns is that they are not waterproof. If these guns come in contact with water, they may malfunction.

Spring-powered airsoft guns  

Spring-powered airsoft guns are not as powerful as gas-powered or electric airsoft guns. But in some cases, a spring-powered gun can be even more powerful, especially if you are using a sniper rifle. It has not only more power but also more precision.


The main advantage of spring-powered airsoft guns is that they are really cheap. Beginners choose these guns mainly due to their low price. They are reliable because you do not have to worry about changing batteries. Spring-powered guns are relatively silent, and they provide surprising accuracy.


Now we will look at the disadvantages of spring-powered airsoft guns. The main disadvantage is that these guns are not designed for excessive use. If you use them excessively, they will break easy. With every shot, the spring gets weaker.

Typically, cheap plastic is used to manufacture these guns, and that is another disadvantage. Although these guns are lightweight, they are susceptible to cracks. Spring-powered airsoft guns need to be manually cocked, and many users do not like that.

Gas-powered airsoft guns

Gas-powered guns are powerful, and that is why mainly advanced players use these guns. These guns often resemble real weapons, since they have blowback and recoil. If you are new to airsoft, we do not recommend gas-powered guns. Here are the pros and cons of these guns.


Gas-powered airsoft guns not only resemble real guns but also fire like them. If you want to add modifications to your gun, you can. Realistic bolt firing is another great advantage of these guns. This feature makes the simulation more like a real war.


But gas-powered airsoft guns have some cons, and many think the cons outweigh the pros. The first disadvantage is that you can not use these guns in cold weather.

If you choose these guns, be ready to carry some cans of gas, and gas is not something very cheap. You must treat a gas-powered gun just like a real gun. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential.


Whether you choose electric, gas-powered or spring-powered guns, they all have their pros and cons. We hope you have learnt enough about these guns, and you will make an informed decision.

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